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Shipping to United Kingdom

Shipping to United Kingdom from Dubai

UK/European Union Customs Rules and Regulations for all unaccompanied personal effects imported into the EU via a port of entry in the United Kingdom.

We will require a completed original UK Customs form, normally a C3, a detailed packing list, a marriage certificate (if applicable), and invoices/receipts for all items under 6 months old.

The following goods are dutiable in all cases:

All Alcohol, Tobacco and Tobacco Products, Perfumes/Aftershave and All Goods Under 6 Months Old

To get your personal/household effects into the EU, duty free you must satisfy the following:

You must have owned and used the goods for more than 6 months and have lived in the country of origin for more than 12 months.

Moving to The EU on Marriage

Again we will require a completed UK C3 form accompanied by a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You must bring your wedding gifts into the EU within 4 months of your wedding, otherwise you will be liable for customs duty & VAT.

Furnishing a Secondary Home

Please contact us for individual advice.


These are liable for VAT at a reduced rate. A completed form C920A is required plus a certificate of antiquity. A formal valuation for the antiques is also necessary.


As there are several different customs forms relating to the various different importation rules pertaining to vehicles and motorcycles, please contact us for individual advice. All original documents (i.e. registration documents, proof of ownership, invoices, etc) for the vehicle/motorcycle must be received in well advance of the vehicle arriving.


All gifts are dutiable.


There is relief on inherited goods provided that a copy of the will (which may require certification) is available. In some cases customs will also accept a letter from a solicitor accompanied by a copy of the death certificate.

In some cases there is relief for students but this will depend on individual circumstances. Please contact us for advice.