International Relocations

International and Domestic relocations.

Moving Timeline

Domestic Moving Timeline
2 Months Before:

Obtain your quote from dnata logistics and start to plan your moving dates to make sure the team is available.

Go through the contents of your wardrobes, cupboards, garage and shed and decide what you do not need or want. Take them to a flea market to make a little money to help with the move or donate to charity. Think about what you haven’t used in the last year.

Make an inventory of everything valuable that you plan to move including the room it usually belongs, to help in your new place, and write their replacement values for insurance purposes.

Start to use up all of the items you do not want to move to your new home such as frozen foods, this way you won’t have to pack an ‘ice box’ for your move.

1 Month Before:

If moving into a property on a busy street or with little access, make sure you contact the relevant people to arrange to park for the dnata logistics van.

Should you have made the decision to pack your boxes yourself, start packing items that you will not need to use in the last month before your move.

Consider drawing a floor plan of your new home so you can easily know on the day where you want things to be placed – take pictures of your rooms so you can save time and headaches on moving day.

Contact utility companies such as gas, electric and water to arrange a cancellation or switch in services. If you want any new service, including TV at your new home, this is also the time to start planning the installation dates.

If it is necessary, schedule cleaners, carpet cleaners and decorators to leave your property in a good condition.

6 Weeks Before:

Contact dnata logistics to discuss the storage of some of your goods if needed.

Research the area you are moving to and register with new doctors and dentists, obtaining medical records if necessary.

If you have children, notify the school about the move and look to enroll them at a new school, making sure you obtain the school records or have them transferred.

Make a list of people to notify of your move such as friends, magazine subscriptions, banks etc.

1 Week Before:

Arrange payment for dnata logistics. If moving into a property in a busy street or with little access, make sure you contact the relevant people to arrange parking for the dnata logistics van.

Pack suitcases with clothes that you wish to move yourself and have easier access to. Also include toiletries, jewellery and important documents for added security.

Tell your employer of your new contact information

Moving Day:

Pack a bag/box to use as your ‘first-night’ box. This will help you settle in a little easier, especially if you include some things you may need first thing in the morning.

Once dnata logistics have left the property for the last time, go around one last time and make sure nothing is left behind. Turn off the lights and lock the windows and begin your journey to your new home!

dnata logistics wishes you all the very best with your move and we hope you enjoy your new home. Please feel free to let us know if and how this has helped you as we are always looking for ways improve our service.